(User ID, generally user name and password)

For many services (e. g. TUGRAZonline, VPN access, email, library, …) members of Graz University of Technology need only one account (unified login or single credentials), which you can generally (see below) set up yourself immediately in TUGRAZonline with a OTP (often still incorrectly referred to as PIN - OTPs, like TANs and unlike PINs, are only valid exactly once) via any Internet connection. Please note that after changing the password in TUGRAZonline - especially if you have saved it in various applications - you must also change it in all these applications (e. g. VPN and email client, SMTP authentication, webmail, portal access, …) or always use the changed password there.

Passing on the account (also to other employees or colleagues) or a use that contradicts the operating and usage regulations of the ZID of Graz University of Technology is not permitted and can result in the withdrawal of the account!


The username you choose when creating an account cannot be changed later, but is independent of the email address and is now visible in some systems, so choose it wisely! You will keep the user name even if you get another profile, e. g. a staff account in addition to the student account. Deletion of an account is not provided for outside the account termination procedure (ATP); the account termination procedure is triggered, for example, by the end of the service contract. The username is always to be written in lower case, the passwords are case sensitive!

There is a separate page for forgotten or expired passwords.
User Profiles Created via OTP


"Staff" here refers to all employees of TU Graz who are either managed by the HR department or by the deaneries.

The OTP will be sent to you by your "TUGRAZonline Officer" by email upon request (if you do not have an email address yet, then the "TUGRAZonline Officer" can send the OTP to himself and then hand it to you personally).
The account is then set up in TUGRAZonline via the link "I would like to use a PIN-Code" on the SSO login page.

Validity period

Your account is active as long as

  • you have a valid employment relationship with the TU Graz (even if you are on leave, your employment relationship remains valid and the account is kept)
  • or you have been assigned the special function "Tätigkeit ohne Arbeitsverh√§ltnis zur TU Graz".

30 days prior to the end of your employment, you and the OU at which you are employed will be notified of the impending termination of the account and will be informed which services (e. g. email) will no longer be usable as of the date of termination. You will then have the option to redirect your emails.

The password is valid for a maximum of 450 days, then it must be changed.



The OTP will be handed out to you personally when you are first admitted to study at Graz University of Technology or can be issued upon presentation of your student ID at the Registration Office.
The OTP can be used once via the link "Login" in TUGRAZonline to create an account or to reset the (forgotten) password.

Validity period

The account is currently active until the end of the enrollment grace period of the following semester (generally December 15th or May 15th), without a valid re-registration it will then be blocked.

The password is valid for a maximum of 450 days, after which it must be changed.



Graduates of a study program at TU Graz either keep an existing account (not the email address!) by creating an own alumni profile in TUGRAZonline, or (if you did not have a TU Graz account yet) you can apply for an account with an alumni profile via

Validity period

Some possibilities of this alumni profile (e. g. email address in the format [g[ivenname].] are dependent on a membership in the alumni association "alumniTUGraz 1887" - this is free for successful graduates in the first year. However, alumni (also members of the alumni association) do not have an account at the SMTP server of TU Graz!

User Profiles with Self-registration


TU-External Users

We distinguish 2 groups:

  1. group with accounts for either
    • the pre-registration for a study program,
    • an application for a study with admission procedure, or
    • access to the TU Graz TeachCenter for Life Long Learning courses.

    Prerequisite: No active TUGRAZonline account!

    Create account with self-registration (instructions).

    Validity period

    Until pre-registration or application is completed (account then becomes a student account) or as long as the courses last.

  2. group with accounts for the employees of
    • rentals,
    • project partners, or
    • companies or contractors.

    Create account with self-registration (instructions).

    Validity period

    6 months (can be extended by yourself)

User Profiles Created by ZID



These accounts only have the right to log on to a special SMTP server and are intended to allow servers or programs to send authenticated emails (i. e. not people who have a personal account anyway), but do not provide TUGRAZonline access or other services (e. g. IMAP/Exchange). Please note that the sender must be a valid address!

These accounts can only be set up by the postmaster on request by "EDV Beauftragte", the administration (password change and deletion) is done by the "TUGRAZonline Beauftragte" of the assigned organization in the user management area in TUGRAZonline.

Validity period

99 years.

The password does not have to be changed, but should be changed regularly (via the user management).


Non-personal Email Addresses (Avatars)

Non-personal email addresses for organizations at TU Graz (e. g. are not created as real mailboxes (with own avatar account) at the Exchange server, but are implemented either as distribution lists (a kind of alias list) or as group mailbox (a kind of "shared mailbox").

If you do not access with EAS but with IMAP, you have to use your own personal account for the SMTP server!

Special User Profiles



For visitors without an eduroam account, all employees of TU Graz have the possibility to read out the current password for the WiFi TUGRAZguest.
This data then enables access to WiFi, in lecture halls or seminar rooms and in the guest house.
For conferences, etc., a separate WLAN with conference-specific access data can also be set up.