Passwords are case sensitive and are subject to a password policy!

Language-related special characters (such as umlauts) may cause problems and should therefor not be used. If you need to change your password (see "period of validity"), you will receive a corresponding information after logging in. To change your password please use the "change password" button in your TUGRAZonline business card (and only there!). If you do not log into TUGRAZonline for an extended period of time, your password may become invalid – however, it is possible to set a new password by using your mobile signature, otherwise you will need a new TAN (see below).

Forgotten, expired or changed passwords due to a lock by the ZID can be reset in several ways. The following refers to personal accounts such as staff, alumni and students- not guests or standard users.

  1. At any time via dial-in using the Mobile Citizen Card ("Handy-Signatur", Mobile Phone Signature).
  2. With a TAN (often wrongly referred to as PIN), which you will receive after a personal consultation:
    Students and Employees are advised to show their student ID card or TU Graz ID card (employees: or current picture on their TUGrazonline business cardi) to the IT support of ZID (Mon-Thurs 9-17 and Fri 9-16).
  3. Members of the alumni association receive their TAN after showing their official photo ID at the alumni association office or by using the web interface at alumni homepage.
Basic users can set themselves a new password by requesting an activation code via TUGRAZonline.

For all other users (robots, guests, …), a new password can only be assigned by the IT officer.